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Launch Canada

Launch Canada is Canada's first national rocketry competition, held in Cochrane, Ontario.

Our team plans to compete in the second annual Launch Canada competition next August, 2024.




OTMKI was OTSR's debut rocket for the Launch Canada competition in 2023. Equipped with dosimeters and transponders, it had a CTI N3400 Skidmark motor with 14263.3 Ns of impulse -- which is the same amount of motion as a 1-ton mass moving at 51 km/hr and it reached an altitude of 11,000 feet! Unfortunately OTMKI landed in a heavily forested area of the Canadian Shield and due to weather conditions and Launch Canada regulations, the recovery had to wait until the morning after launch. Even more unfortunately was the fact that the forest blocked radio and GPS communication, hampering the recovery process. Much of OTMKI was left in the forest for future searches but the aft section of OTMKI was found by hunters some months after launch embedded into the ground.


Aiming to reach 20,000 ft in altitude to perform atmospheric radiation measurement; OTMKII is OTSR's second group rocket for the Launch Canada competition in 2024 and is a current work in progress. OTMKII features experimental avionics with the planned capability to map the rockets 3D trajectory after launch. Equipped with a CSI N1975 Green motor with 14271.6 Ns of impulse -- roughly the same as OTMKI, OTMKII will be a test of OTSR after a large recruitment cycle and of the new experimental avionics for future rockets.

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