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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors support us through both monetary and material means. Without them there would be no OTSR, and for that we would like to say thank you! We couldn't do it without our generous sponsors!

If you would like to become a sponsor or donor please fill out the following form, or contact us at the bottom of the page or at!

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Monetary sponsors support us through direct donation. This allows OTSR to maintain liquid funds and offer benefits to those who decide to sponsor us. These sponsors have access to the OTSR sponsorship rewards program shown in the image to the right.

Material sponsors can offer support in many ways. Some purchase materials on our behalf, and some provide materials necessary to rocket construction. Material sponsors can also supply us with prizes for OTSR to run raffles. Being sponsors, material sponsors have access to the same rewards program as monetary sponsors.
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Our Donors

Building a high power rocket is not cheap, and our kind donors help us in securing the funds required to purchase critical equipment and materials through direct donation. We couldn't do it without them, so as a thank you here is a list of our donors!
Full Donor List
  • ASI Accounting Services Inc.

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Background Image Credit: Photo by Kyle Goetsch on Unsplash

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